Winter Lawn Care Tips

In most parts of the country grass goes dormant in the winter, and with the holiday season taking top priority, lawn care is the last thing on peoples minds.

That doesn’t mean your lawn doesn’t need a little TLC, just not as much as the growing season. Here are some winter lawn tips that will help your lawn survive during those cold months, and prepare you for Spring.

This is more of a Fall lawn care tip, but if you didn’t get a chance to remove needles, leafs, lawn furniture, toys or other organic debris – please do so now. Leaves will smother the grass, making it hard for the grass to recover in the spring. Not only that, it weakens the grass making it susceptible to moss and lawn diseases.

Don’t mow the grass too short! Higher grass helps protect the root system and acts as a blanket against the cold. But not too high. If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, snow will cause the grass to lay over. Again, this should be done in the Fall, but time flies during the holiday season.

Apply lime if you live in an area with acidic soil – I won’t get into the benefits of lime here, but lime moves extremely slow through the soil before you notice it’s benefits. And since you have months of down time, it’s a perfect time for a lime application.

Get your lawn mower serviced! Spring will be here in no time, so why wait until the last minute to get your lawn mower tuned-up.

Winterize fertilizer – In the Pacific Northwest moss control and applications for certain lawn pests are common in the later part of the winter, as for fertilizer, winter causes your grass to go dormant, so adding nutrients to a doormat lawn doesn’t do you, or your grass, any good. A really good fall fertilizer should be your last until next Spring.

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