Spring Lawn Care Tips

Having a good spring lawn care maintenance program in place is vital to jump starting your grass after a long hard cold winter, and what you do in the spring, sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Below are some spring lawn care tips and maintenance practices you should implement to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

Lawn Mower Maintenance – Getting your lawn mower serviced in the fall or winter is ideal so you can start mowing without delays when spring arrives. Oil changed, filters checked, spark-plug changed and blades sharpened should all be done at least once a year.

Lawn Aeration – This is the process of pulling plugs from your grass to allow easier water, nutrient and air penetration to your lawn’s root system.

Dethatching – Getting your lawn dethatched in the spring and fall will help control thatch buildup. Thatch build up is common in clay soils because the roots can only grow so deep before layers of dead grass develop. Thatching, also known as power raking, can be done by hand, or by machine. If you have any more than 1000 sq ft of grass, do yourself a huge favor and rent a machine, or hire a lawn care service. Trust me, thatching your lawn by hand can be a weekend killer, and pure hell on your forearms!

Fertilizer – Spring and fall are the most important fertilizer applications all year long. Depending on where you live, grass type will dictate what percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is needed. If you prefer organic fertilizing, spring is the perfect time to top dress your lawn with compost to replenish the soil with nutrients.

Overseed – Its not uncommon for lawns to thin out over the winter, and unless you overseed to fill in those thin areas, your lawn will become a haven for weeds and or lawn diseases.

Weed Control – Do not apply weed control for the sake of applying weed control, especially if you just re-seeded your lawn. If you do decide that weeds are public enemy number one, do so first, wait a couple of weeks, then re-seed.

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