Pruning & Hedging Services

Our pruning and hedging services include, but are not limited to: tree pruning, hedge & shrub trimming, small tree removal, transplanting and planting for most evergreen and deciduous trees. Fruit trees too!Services such as pruning and hedge & shrub trimming and transplanting are done during the Fall and Winter months (unless otherwise directed by customer) . But we know life happens, and sometime people inherit landscapes that are overgrown and require a yard clean up. So sometimes pruning and hedge trimming has to be done during the heart of the growing season to get things under control.

If you’re dealing with a yard that doesn’t need pruning or hedging right away, it’s best to wait until the colder months when plants go dormant.

* Discounts offered if debris can be left on site.

* Please note that we are not a tree service. We almost exclusively service trees that are under 15 feet tall. If you’re looking to get one of those monster evergreen trees removed or limbed up, please contact a company that specializes in big trees.

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