Organic Lawn Care Services

Our organic landscape and lawn care services are a natural, environmentally safe solution to traditional lawn care, with better long term results!

Sure there’s a ton of organic products on the market, but lawn science has come a long way. The days of bagged organic fertilizer being your only organic option are long gone.

We offer 100% organic liquid compost tea applications, granular fertilizers and compost lawn top dressings.

Our organic lawn care products provide beneficial microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes – that creates a biologically diverse soil ecosystem.

If you’re looking to go chemical and pesticide free, but still want to enjoy a green thick healthy landscape and lawn, organic is the only way to go!

Other organic lawn care and landscape services:

  • Organic Flea Treatments – Our natural flea treatments are arguably more effective than traditional chemical flea treatments. 
  • Compost flower bed dressings – Made with 100% organic heat treated compost, our compost dressing adds a ton of beneficial nutrients to your plants, unlike bark or wood chips. But with the same great look.
  • Leaf dressings – Yes, you heard that right. We take your existing leaves, and reapply them to your flower beds. This allows easy air circulation for composting, adds nutrients to soil, attracts worms for vermicomposting and helps suppress weeds.
  • Liquid compost tea applications – We use a compost tea solution that will add billions (with a B) of live beneficial microorganisms, fungi and bacteria into your soil.
  • Vermicomposting – Vermicomposting is composting with earthworms. Worm poop, also known as worm castings, is one of the most beneficial garden, lawn and landscape fertilizers you can use. We also offer compost bin set up so you can create your own compost.
  • Lawn Fertilizer – We offer liquid and granular organic lawn care services in all our lawn care programs. 

Other lawn and landscape services include: Landscape Design, Pruning & Hedging, Lawn Edging, Yard Clean-ups, Lawn Repair, Lawn Installation & Renovation, Organic Landscape & Lawn Services, Lawn Dethatching, Lawn Aeration, Lawn Mowing, Grass Seeding, Water Retention Sand, Moss ControlLime For Lawns