Lime For Lawns

Lime services for lawns are offered for grass that needs it’s pH levels adjusted.¬†Lime is a soil amendment that’s added to your soil that balances the pH levels in your lawn.

Lime should be part of your lawn care mainteprogram. There are 3 types of soil – acid, alkaline and neutral. pH levels range from 0-14 (acidic 0-7, 7 neutral, 7-14 alkaline).

In Western Washington, our soil is acidic and should be in the neutral range – 6.5 – 7.5. When your soil’s pH is balanced, your lawn can effectively utilize the available nutrients.

Lime is not a fertilizer, it’s more like the middle man. If you truly want to have the besting looking lawn in the neighborhood lime is your secret weapon!

Additional Info:

  • Soil should always be tested first. They should have pH testing kits at your local hardware store, or they’re available online. The Washington State Extension Offices also offers to test your soil. I’m not sure if they charge, but they usually have an army of Master Gardeners on standby to lend a helping hand. Oh, should of mentioned this first – we also offer pH soil testing services too!
  • We used granular lime, not the messy powdered stuff.
  • Lime can be applied any time of year.
  • Lime is mined, so not classified as organic technically, but perfectly fine to use in any organic lawn, garden or landscape program.
  • Lime moves extremely slow through the soil, so you won’t see immediate results.

Moss is hard to control in general in Western Washington because of rain and tree cover. Moss also thrives in acidic soil. Lime won’t kill or eliminate your lawn moss problems, but it can help take away one of the components that moss prefers, which is acidic soil.

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Lime For Lawns