Lawn Mowing Services

We offer residential and commercial weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services. We currently only offer lawn mowing services in North Snohomish County.

Lawn mowing is one of those tasks every home owner either loves, or absolutely dreads. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing I have a good idea where you stand.

Additional info and frequently asked questions:

  • We sharpen our lawn mower blades all the time! A sharp blade prevents tearing on the grass blade. Torn grass blades can make grass look dull and become susceptible to certain lawn diseases.
  • Every visit includes lawn mowing, blowing off hard surface areas and grass clippings disposed of.
  • Discounts are available with the use of your recycle bin.
  • Mulching is available for organic minded customers – by request.
  • Mowing season starts in March and can extend into mid-November.

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