Lawn Dethatching Services

We offer lawn dethatching services typically in the Spring and Fall, but will accomdate requests in the Summer.

Lawn dethatching, also known as thatching or power raking, is the process of removing layers of dead grass and moss from your lawn. 

Because dethatching it’s so stressful on your grass, you typically want to detatch during the Spring and Fall months because the growing conditions are ideal (cooler temps and more rainfall).

If strick watering habits are followed, dethatching can be done in the summer as well. But watering religiously is a must during the hot summer months.

If you decide to get your lawn detached, you’re going to want to do the following to bring the lawn back to life: lawn aeration, overseeded and possibly a top dressing.

Additional info before you dethatch your lawn:

  • Mow as low as possible! This will help us pull out more thatch and moss and dry out the lawn faster. Which allows us to rake up debris in a timely fashion and save you unnecessary labor costs.
  • Be flexible. Thatching wet grass can cause more damage than good, so it needs to be fairly dry. Scheduling around weather is unfortunately part of this service.

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