Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is one of the most important pieces to any lawn care maintenance program.

Lawn aeration is just one part of maintaining a healthy green lawn, but if you truly want to fix, or maintain a lush green lawn, this is where you start.

With clay, hard pan and poor soil types common in Western Washington, your grasses root system struggles to grow deep roots.

Plugging your lawn helps the grass grow deeper roots by allowing easier air and water penetration into the soil. Lawn core aeration allows helps with the break down of thatch (dead grass that builds up between grass and soil).

Aeration also helps keep your lawn thick, which helps crowd out potential moss problems.

Additional Info & Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Usually performed in late February – October
  • Plugs are left on lawn to break down naturally
  • Please mark any sprinklers before service
  • In some cases, getting your lawn aerated will not solve severe thatch problems.
  • When aerating in Spring, or early Summer, over seeding is advised.

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