What we do: We are a small lawn care company located in Lake Stevens, Washington (about 30 miles North of Seattle). We specialize in lawn care services.

Experience: We have over 15 years experience in the lawn care game. I’ve not only worked for “the man” for many years (local and national lawn care company), I’ve owned 3 lawn care/landscape companies (I’ll explain later why this wasn’t my first rodeo). On top of our 15 plus years of experience, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best lawn care professionals in the industry.

Family man: I’m happily married with 4 beautiful girls ranging from ages 8-17.


* Travel – Ok, where do I start? Having a big family makes it hard to take long vacations, so we go heavy on taking weekend trips to the Oregon Coast and Northern Idaho. Other vacation highlights include Disneyland, Yellowstone, The Redwoods, Arizona, Las Vegas, New York City and The California Coastal Highway.
* Sports – I love sports, especially pro football. But you won’t like this, I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, not a Seahawk fan! I’m not originally from here, so don’t bust my chops too much 12th man!
* Family – It might sound cheesy to some, but family is EVERYTHING to me! When I’m not fertilizing or aerating your lawn, it’s family time – period!

Lawn care on hold: I sold my first lawn care business, and second one too, to take an opportunity to work overseas with the greatest military on the planet – the US Army, US Navy, Marines and Air Force. After 5 plus long years in Iraq, Afghanistan, Dubai and Kuwait it was time to come home. After coming home in 2012, GB Lawn Care was born!

Last, but not least: I’m not going to bore you with empty promises and generic mission statements, but we take your business VERY seriously! Our goal is simple, to provide the BEST lawn service, at a reasonable, and to keep you happy!

Affordable Lawn, Landscape & Garden Services

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